The Athena Runner


I became familiar with the term "Athena Runner" mainly through blog reading. Although I have lived in two very runner friendly areas (both Durham and Granville/Columbus), I have never entered a race that actually had an Athena category. I'm guessing that's because either the races are too small or they aren't all that "competitive."

In runner-speak, an Athena runner is a female race competitor over a certain weight. For some races evidently this could be as low as 140lbs, but for most it is 150+. So technically, no matter which of those numbers they use, I'm an Athena runner. But I wonder that for many women who have the ability to choose this designation in a race, do they do it? I mean, it actually fields you against women who are competing LIKE you. But do you want the "Athena" label, or do you just run with the pack? I've never had the choice, but I'm thinking if I did I would say, BRING ON THE LABEL! maybe I could actually win something :p (but probably not)

I do love the term Athena though. It's like, "I'm strong and will kick your ass you little stick insect running in front of me..." Or something like that anyway.

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