Bradys Night Out - Charlie Goodnights!

Mike and I are heading out to the big city tonight! woo hoo! Raleigh, here we come? What is dragging us ALL the way to Raleigh on a school night? A comedy show! Thanks to my friend Becky in Minneapolis, I found out that comedian Louis CK was on tour. I adored his HBO show "Lucky Louie" and enjoyed his last HBO special (poster below). Seeing him live would be pretty awesome. I checked his gig line up and found out he was in Raleigh for one night only - TONIGHT. I found this out while Mike was in his second surgery. I debated - should I buy the tickets? Will Mike be able to go to Raleigh? Will he be able to get around in a comedy club? I decided that YES, he could make it work. When I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase the tickets, the 8pm show was already sold out. Bummer. Luckily, the 10:15 show still had plenty of tickets. 10:15 it is. (I checked the site and both time slots are now sold out!)

Therefore, tonight Mike and I will mosey on out to Raleigh, maybe grab a pint and some pretzels at the Flying Saucer, then head over to Charlie Goodnights. We may be a a bit tired tomorrow morning, but with the way the past few months have gone, we deserve a night out on the town! Review of the show tomorrow!

The poster for the current tour!

RUNNING LOG: My weekday run this morning concluded the 4.5 mile weekday run series. While that is exciting, that means starting with next week's Tuesday and Thursday runs, I bump to 5 miles. I will continue that for the next 3 weeks. Egads. Luckily I have been running a very hilly 4.64 miles each Tuesday and Thursday morning for the past 3 weeks. Hopefully the addition of less than half a mile won't make much difference. Today marks 1 month til race day! HOLY CRAP!!!!


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