24 days - and then it's finally over

Don't get me wrong - I am VERY VERY proud of the accomplishments of my running partners and me to the point. We are busting our butts and putting in some serious miles for this training. We have worked really hard the past 8 weeks, and the work is paying off. This past Saturday, we ran eight miles. EIGHT MILES. I had no idea it was even possible for me to do that. The even crazier thing is that our pace is right on track with every other distance we have run. As we add on the mileage, we really aren't slowing down any. That is pretty awesome.

But to keep that up, that means the weekday runs must continue. The weekday runs are now up to 5 miles each Tuesday and Thursday. Technically, I should have also been doing short runs on Wednesdays and Friday. But that ended this week - with the longer distances, we get two rest days. Therefore, I should add in one short run a week. I may try to start adding that in after work one day each week.

The whole point of this is, damn, there is a lot of running in preparing for a race. Sounds obvious, yes? I love my runs on Saturdays with Mer and Lauren. I get nervous before them, but I like them so much better than the crappy solo runs during the week. Since I have also been doing them in the mornings, I very often want to take a nap by mid morning. For some, early morning exercise energizes them and sets the tone for their day. For me, it makes me sleepy.

But, we only have a few weeks left. It's inching up closer and closer. I just reserved our hotel room in Greensboro for the night before the race. We have a place to stay. That is pretty darn real.

In the meantime, I'll keep running.

OH - The Louis CK show was pretty darn good. I just forgot how many stairs are at Charlie Goodnight's. Poor Mike :-(

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