With all of this talk about half-marathon training, I have neglected to mention yet another favorite event coming up soon. The 2009 Durham Doughman is scheduled for May 23. Sign-up is THIS Wednesday, April 1.

This year, our award winning team was a bit restructured. And when I saw "award winning" it is because we won both the "best costume" with our "I hEArT Durham" shirts AND we won "last place." :-) With Mike's current injury, he is out, and we lost another member to a different team. But, I think we may have our new team together for this year. Once it is all super official, I will let you know.

The 2008 "I hEArT Durham" Doughman Team

If you are interested though, go to www.doughman.org and sign up. It's a lot of fun and for a great cause.

Last year's competitors at the finish line!

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