Yet another reason why I love my husband

Running obviously takes up a lot of my time nowadays. With only 30 some odd days til race day, it's crunch time. I read running articles on line to keep myself pumped up, I talk about running with my running buddies and anyone else who wants to listen, and I also obviously blog about running a fair amount. And I of course talk to my husband about running.

Yesterday I was on active.com clicking on various links as they appeared interesting. I ended up on the site by following an article about "bad runs." Yesterday's run was one of those. It felt like I had lead in my shoes. The whole run was just tough. It took me 5 minutes longer than normal, and it just set my day off to a bad start. Anyway, while on the site, I saw a link to an article called "Spring 2009 Shoe Guide." Cool. I like shoes!

I click on the link (HERE is the article) to read about cool shoes. I have to wear motion control shoes due to my falling arches. Luckily, those were the first types of shoes listed. But for both of shoes profiled, they each contained a line that had me go "ugh".

Shoe #1: Recommended for big, flat-arched runners who need extra support or room for their orthotics.

Shoe #2: Recommended for big runners who need plenty of motion control.

Okay, okay. I know my BMI says I am overweight. I know this. But I hated seeing that the shoes I need to wear are because I am a "big" runner. Phooey.

At home that evening, I tell Mike about the article. I actually use the word "heavy" in place of big by accident. I told him that the two shoes recommended for me are for heavy runners. He says, "That's awesome sweetie! Very cool!" I, of course, give him a very puzzled look.

He looks at me and says, "Well, you do run a lot!" He took "heavy runner" to mean "one who runs a great deal" NOT "Michelle is a big girl." I love my hubby. It never even crossed his mind.

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Christeal said...

That is so sweet! My hubby so would of went where he shouldn't if I had said something like that to him!