Running Log : A new milestone

This weekend, I hit THREE running milestones.

First, I ran the most miles in one week than I have ever run. My week total from Monday-Sunday is 18.48 miles. Crazy. I did 4.64 Tuesday and Thursday, the Great Human Race 5K on Saturday and a 6 mile run on Sunday. 18.48 miles. Wow.

Second, I am pretty pumped that Saturday I beat last year's Komen "competitive" 5K time. This weekend, I ran Durham's Great Human Race in 31:50. In last year's Komen Race, the 5K took me over 35 minutes. The Durham race was also really hilly, so it feels good to cut about 4 minutes off my time in less than a year, even with lots of hills. I also finished 27 out of 58 runners in the Female 30-34 Age Group. That means I finished in the top 50%. I am also very psyched about that! HUGE thanks to Lauren and Meredith for being awesome running partners in Saturday's race!!!

Lastly, I did my longest run yet on Sunday morning. Lauren and I met to run 6 miles. Yep. SIX miles! I did have to ask for a short walk for the first time during one of our runs, but I still feel pretty good about it. When we hit Mile Marker 5, I had to take a short walk. We walked slightly less than a quarter of a mile and then finished at our regular pace. While I am very pumped about having run six miles, I am a bit unsure as to how we will add on 7.1 EXTRA miles between now and May 2. Scary.

Stay tuned, folks!

PS - Mike had his second surgery on Friday and is at home recovering. All is well, and hopefully he is now on the road to a full recovery!!!!!!

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