Running Log: Lucky 7

SEVEN MILES. We ran SEVEN MILES on Saturday morning. That sounds crazy to me. And even after I got home and told Mike, I still can't really fathom that we ran seven miles. Crazy.

The great thing to report is this: those crappy 4.64 mile runs I have been doing? The ones that make me cry and shatter my confidence? The ones with all the hills? The ones that have been making me hit the pavement at 7am? Those crappy runs have prepared me SO well. To think, I was actually questioning my ability to run at all after these runs. But the truth is, the terrain I run on my weekday runs is tough. It's hilly and it's difficult. But it made running that seven miles on the Tobacco Trail very very doable. I was amazed.

After the crappy running week I had, I was considering changing up my route this week. The training program calls for this Tuesday and Thursday to also be 4.5 mile runs. I am going to keep doing that run that kicks my ass during the week. Because it's that ass kicking that is allowing me to handle the long flatter runs.

Hey, I think I may actually be able to do this :-)


Meredith said...

Thank you for making me keep going on Saturday!! :-)

M said...

Running with you, my dear, has been an absolute lifesaver throughout this whole process. I am glad we are doing this together!!!