Running Log : Ran farther than I would walk

This morning's route

Today I set a new milestone. This morning I got up and started my run at 7:15am. By 8:05am, I had completed the run. I did 4.64 miles at an average pace of 10:48 per mile. I am totally happy with that. This was also my longest solo run so far. I did 4 miles once back in early January. My longest run ever has been 5 miles, and that was with the girls about 3 or 4 weeks ago. To do 4.64 today on my own was a big high!!!! And to explain the title of this blog post - today I ran farther than I would walk on my walking route. I once set out from the house to take a long walk. This was quite some time back - probably October or November. I walked the same route I ran today - well, part of it. There is a city gas pump down MLK Parkway where I turned around on my "long walk" those months ago. I remember getting to the gas pump on that walk, looking down MLK at the stoplight at Hope Valley Road. I thought, "Yeah, that's just too far. I better head back home."

Yet today I ran past the gas station, through the light that looked so far away at Hope Valley and down to Cook Road. There, at 7:40am, I stopped to take this photo. Cook Road, baby. Cook Road.

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