It's REAL - check out the snazzy countdown clock

YIKES! It is official! I paid my $50 this morning and am officially registered for the NC Half-Marathon. I added this cool little countdown clock on my sidebar to keep me motivated. Holy crap - only 46 days and change.

It seems that with the magic shoes, advil and ice, my ankle will be fine. We did a 4.5 mile run this weekend (was supposed to be 4 but a stray dog and a "shortcut" to avoid it added an extra half mile) in the rain, and it felt good to be back out there on the pavement. I have started myself back on the formal training program at Week 6. That means tomorrow and Thursday are 4 mile runs. This weekend I am scheduled to do the Great Human Race (a 5K thru downtown) in Durham, but if Mike ends up in the hospital overnight, I may have to pass on that one.

13.1 miles still seems nearly impossible, but if I keep up with it I honestly and truly think I can do this. And hell, I could always walk the last several miles :-)

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