Open Hearts? Really? I see something totally different

Have any of you seen commercials or ads for Kay Jewelers' new "Open Hearts" line? Designed by actress Jane Seymour (supposedly), the line of pendants, earrings and charms is supposed to be two open hearts. The ad features the line, "If your heart is open, love will always find a way in." Okay, so yes - the sentiment is sweet. But is it just me, or does the "Open Hearts" pendant look a whole lot like a naked curvy woman turning around to look over her shoulder? Mike and I have been jokingly referring to the jewelry as the T&A line. (T&A? Um, a four letter word for boobies and a three letter word for the booty) What's your call?

RUNNING LOG: 4.64 miles this morning - but damn it seemed a lot farther than last time!

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rebecca said...

My first thought was that it looks like a cross between a flamingo and a swan. Ya perv. ;)