A delivery for me???

I got into work a bit late this morning because we were due to have some maintenance done at the house. Therefore, around 10am I walked into the office, turned on my computer and began my daily routine. Check e-mail, get coffee, etc. As I reviewed my to-do list for the day, a gentleman appeared at my door and asked, "Are you Michelle?" In his hands, he held this:

I replied, "Yes, I am Michelle!!!" I was surprised and confused at the delivery. Mike and I had no real plans to do much for Valentine's Day, but my Mom has been known to send gifts on holidays. I signed the delivery receipt and the gentleman was on his way. I found the card and anxiously read to see who the gift was from. What surprised me was who the gift was to. The lovely chocolate dipped strawberries were meant for the other Michelle on the floor, not me. Alas, I walked them down to her office and placed them on her desk. Another Michelle would receive a surprise when she returned to her desk. ::sigh:: That's what happens when you work in a place with 5 Michelles!!!!!

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