Running Log: 11 weeks to go

On Saturday after our 5 mile run (HOLY CRAP, 5 MILES!!!), Lauren, Mer and I will complete our third week of half-marathon training. Only a few months ago I was barely able to make it 1-1.7 miles, and here I am now running 3.5 miles+ at least 3 days a week. How insane is that??? I must admit though, 5 miles sounds damn near impossible. I have read though that if you can run 6 miles you can run a half marathon (just slow your pace). That means we are actually getting close to doing this!! Crazy - sometimes I actually think I am either not actually running this far and the world is playing tricks on me or that during my runs my body is replaced with that of another person. But soon after the run when the Advil is needed, I realize that yes, it was me running.

With all that being said, Saturday will be 11 weeks until the NC Half Marathon. Since we are operating on a 12 week training program we will be able to repeat a couple weeks out of the training. That is going to be helpful since there will surely be some traveling conflicts or even a weekend where we just can't get out there for the long run. One of those weeks will be next week when Lauren and I do the Coach Bubba 4 mile Race in Durham (technically it should be a 5 mile run for us in training).

At the end of week 3, I am holding up okay, but my legs are often sore. I have realized that the kickboxing 3 days per week coupled with running 3 days a week is just too much for my legs to handle. I think I am going to take the kickboxing down to once a week - probably just on Fridays. I love the class, but my legs get way too angry doing so much at the same time.

I also had to take a self imposed leg break this Wednesday. Tuesday's run was a nightmare. It was like I had concrete shoes. My legs were so sore I just knew that doing kickboxing was not going to work well for me. Instead, I met Cookie at the Fed for beers. Much better. Thanks to a joint run with Meredith on Thursday, I was able to make it through the 3.5 miles at a nice pace without even one walk break. As a person who has been nervous about running with someone else, I am now realizing that running with someone is one of the best things one can do when training. Tonight I kickbox - then it's social time - there's an art show at Hayti displaying the work of our friend King, there's a birthday party at Bull McCabe's for Will, and Mike suggested Mexican food to be thrown in as dinner this evening.

Then tomorrow morning I will get up and meet my running/training buddies at 9am. And we will start - we will go for 5 miles. 5 whole miles. Holy crap.

PS - A huge thank you goes out to Lauren and Mer for encouraging me as we go along. I would have already quit (hell, I wouldn't have started) if it were not for the two of you!

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