The joys of Facebook

So many of us are now online in social communituies like Facebook and MySpace. While I myself am about to get rid of my MySpace page (just a trashy site), I heavily rely on my Facebook account to keep in touch with a lot of people. With so many friends now spread out around the world, connecting on Facebook makes it seem like they aren't so far away. It seems as if my friends in India, England and South Africa are really only a click away.

I was especially reminded of this yesterday. I received a friend request from "Frank." He was in the South Africa network, and we shared a mutual friend - Esther. The name sounded familiar, but I just couldn't place the photo and the name. I decided I would accept the friend request, and if after looking at the guy's page I still didn't know who he was I would delete the friend. I accepted, and within a matter of minutes, I had a post on my wall. This Frank is the husband of my friend Elelwani in South Africa. I have posted pics before on this blog of Elelwani and I hanging out in South Africa. (At the bottom of this post is a pic of Elelwani and I with friends at Jazz Fest while she was preggers with Masana - click HERE) But Ele had told her husband all about me, and when he saw my name on Esther's friend list, he added me on as his friend. I was delighted to hear that the couple just had a second little girl, Isha, now a younger sister to Masana. And the best part of all is that he sent me pictures! YAY!!!!!!!! I picked a couple to share here. Thank you, Facebook!!!

The whole family - Elelwani, Isha, Masana, and my new friend Frank

Baby Isha and her beautiful mommy!

The bonding of women

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