It's the weather, and it's my mood. It started with the Masters defense last week, it subsided a bit over the weekend, and it reared it's ugly head a few days ago - only to have taken up residence in my psyche. Gloomy. Sad. Dejected. Melancholy.

I do not like being in this type of mood. I have too much to be excited about in life at the moment. Saturday is Beer Fest for goodness sake! Wedding planning seems to be going well (there is some stuff I would like to see happen soon, but for the most part, things are on track). Mike and I have a trip planned to New Orleans next month to see Matt and Kim get married. I have completed one-third of my couch to 5K training, and I am still going strong!

But damn, what a slap to the ego can do to your mood. My confidence has been bruised. It will heal I have no doubt, but last Friday's events really did a number to me. I just hope it passes soon - there is too much fun stuff coming up to be in this kind of funk.


TV de Plasma said...
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MLB said...

Cut yourself some slack and let yourself grieve. These are the times that make your triumphs that much more special.

Cry, drink a bottle of wine by yourself and talk about how you feel. Then when you're good and ready......smile.