Happy Thoughts.

School - done. Now it is time to celebrate. And this week provides a couple of opportunities to do so! Wednesday is Duke's annual LDOC (Last Day of Classes). The line up this year is pretty decent - including performances by the Roots and Third Eye Blind. I've never seen the Roots live, so I am pretty pumped about that. And all of it is FREE on the campus quad. I will be heading over right after work with a box of wine in hand. It should be a lovely evening (as long as the weather holds out).

Then, Saturday is ------ RALEIGH BEERFEST! I am SO ready for this. After what happened last Friday, I plan in doing my final edits to the paper this week, submitting it to the graduate school, then celebrating like mad at Beerfest. SO. VERY. EXCITED.

Also, thanks to everyone who has been so supportive listening to me whine about what happened last Friday. I really really appreciate it. Talking about it helps me move past it - so thanks for listening.

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