Wedding Announcement!

Mike and I are working on putting together a website that has all the wedding details, but it isn't quite ready to go at this point. Therefore, I am going to use this forum to announce that today, formally, my bridesmaids all gave their formal acceptance. Yay. Thanks to a gift certificate Miss Laurenita had for a free lunch for 4 at Piedmont in Durham (and her willingness to use it for this occasion), I had a chance to sit down formally with all three of my lovely ladies for a wonderful wedding planning lunch. Many of my readers know these ladies, but just in case you do not have the pleasure of interacting with them every day, they are:

The always charming Miss Lauren

The sexy mama Miss Meredith

And last, bit definitely not least,
my darling Miss Cookie

And do you not LOVE the fact that I was able to find a picture of each one of them making a kissy face????

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