First Draft Turned In

I am happy to report that on Sunday, March 2 at about 12:40pm, I e-mailed the first full draft of my Masters project off to my adviser. Although I was elated at the time, I am now full of dread on receiving my edits back. It could either be" great first start - let's make these changes" or "what on earth were you thinking? this will take a full year to fix." While I am guessing it will not be as extreme as the second option, I know the edits will be extensive. I just want some assurance that YES I will be able to finish this up and graduate in May. I am SO ready to be done with this. I want to concentrate on wedding planning and read fun books and watch movies and cook great dinners in the evening. I don't want to spend any more evenings in the library! I am SO done with school!!!!!

Anyway, I will keep you posted. And keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Ellobie said...

Holla! Congrats lady!