It was fantastic. I had never seen RENT performed live (only the movie), so it was a treat for me to see the live performance. John was out there right from the beginning, and Mike, Taylor, Lauren and I were all giddy to see him on stage. We have dubbed him the most likable Benny of all time. After the performance, we waited for John outside the stage door. The rest of the cast had already come out, and they all did a double take when we busted into applause as he came out the door.

John signing autographs for young fans in the lobby

A lot of John's family was in town for the performance, as were his friends from Davidson, and his former admissions buddy (i.e. Mike). There were tears, hugs and shouts of joy. Every single one of us is so proud of him! The tour is taking a toll - it's tiring and it is hard to be away from home for so long, but he is making the best of the experience.

John, it was wonderful to see you perform, and we wish you the best of luck in getting bigger roles - closer to home!!!

The Davidson Boys: Mike, John, and Taylor

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