Writers Guild Strike

This is just terrible. There are only 2, yes TWO episodes of the Office that have been filmed and not yet shown on TV. That means we will not be seeing any Office for quite some time if this strike ends tomorrow, let alone if it takes weeks. Watch this video, and learn a little something about the entertainment industry. While the online episodes of your favorite shows may be convenient, they do not compensate the writers involved at any level. Millions of dollars of advertising revenue is earned by the networks when posting ads next to and during web episodes. Do your part and boycott the online episodes for a while - rent a DVD or just wait til this gets resolved.

Although we often think that everyone in Hollywood is driving a Mercedes and lives in a condo with a seaside view, such is not the case. There are a lot of people being hurt in this strike - and it's all because of what we want as consumers of their product. Sure, it is often hard to take Hollywood seriously, but if we want to continue watching brilliant TV at all, then we need to be paying attention to this. So, watch the video below. Ciao.

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