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I keep getting more and more upset about the fact that someone would take my stuff. It's not the loss of property or the money I will lose due to the property being taken. What upsets me is that someone takes MY things and gets away from it. They didn't ponder buying a camera for a whole year before they actually went out, tested nearly every camera in the store and settled on that one. They didn't get to go all excited to Verizon when for one of the first times, they got the "new" toy, the "new" phone that was so cool. They weren't giddy like a little kid when they finally got something they worked for and paid cash for. They took it from me. And they had to do nothing. Ugh. I'll get over it. It just really upsets me.

BUT - before that happened, the party Jeff and King hosted Saturday night was amazing. It was a great mix of people (except the asshat that ran off with my stuff) and the location was very cool and very trendy. The live music from the Brian Horton Jazz Trio was especially fantastic.

And the night before that, Cookie, Melissa and I had a blast at the Nashquerade party at the Nasher Art Museum. At that time, I still had my camera, so I took pictures. Here they are - I think they are cute :-)

Cookie and I with our matching masks at Nashquerade

Melissa and I

Cookie checking out some art

My fun new photo (thank you photoshop!)

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. I think the anger is a very natural reaction. For me, I was angry because they took stuff that had NO meaning/value to anyone else but me. A gravy boat? A pillow made from my grandmother's quilt? It's just frustrating.

And people suck.