Not much to report

I haven't really had too much to report, therefore, I have not been blogging. But, today I have some good news. As I type this, my best chickie buddy, Lauren Braun, is in her MALS Final Interview, and within the next hour, she will be officially done with our masters program!! I am so thrilled for her. I am so close I can taste it - so I can't wait to hear how she feels after she has finished all her degree requirements. Tonight calls for girlie drinks at the Fed! woo hoo!

Other than that, I wrapped up my class for the semester on Monday - which feels great. I actually started reading a fun book the other day (The Omnivore's Dilemma) and it feels great to not procrastinate on anything. I forgot how it felt to "just" have work to deal with. That's nothin'! My next (and LAST) class starts the week of May 14, so I am happy to have a little break.

As for job stuff, nothing to report on that matter...yet. Stay tuned.

This weekend will be busy - a birthday on Friday, celebration of PhD defenses on Saturday, Sunday is recovery and house cleaning day.

Next week is Beer Fest! I can't wait! And that means Ed and Amy will be coming to visit next week, too! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

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