hi, everyone! i'm home, albeit a bit bittersweet. mike is in florida, so the house seems terribly lonely without him. i am able to get some quality time with the cats, sob uncontrollably at the latest episodes of scrubs, and not shower all day without feeling funny about it, but it doesn't make it easier not having him here. i will finally get to see my sweetie next monday night, after class. three more days...i can make it.

the trip home went fine. to pay off the debt that my flights were actually on time, the airline did not put me in the system for a vegetarian meal, nor did my in flight entertainment (the personal tv at my seat) work. luckily i slept most of the trip home and was full from earlier snacking, but it was great to get home at the time i was supposed to. unfortunately, i also brought back from africa some nasty cold bug - and compounded with the immense amount of pollen floating around here at the moment - i can barely breathe. the silver lining of mike not being here is that i can recover in the most ungraceful ways possible.

before i sign off for the night, here is a fun photo from my last night in cape town (and a rare one - me holding a baby!):

Here is auntie michelle with elewani's beautiful six month old baby girl. once i have the correct spelling of her name, i will post it here....

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