I must admit, it is a bit creepy around here. Nearly 90 students have left the college, and there are only a handful of us left here. And I am the lone tenant of Staircase 13 - ooooooooooooooo. But, I am meeting my friend Abbi this evening, and the two of us will go off in search pf a decent dinner here in Oxford. Today, I wandered back over to the Ashmolean museum and took more time to go through some exhibits. Then I had a nice long nap...

Tomorrow morning is off to London. I will catch the bus from Oxford to Heathrow sometime in the morning (I am hoping 8ish), get to my hotel, leave my bag, and then wander London for the day. I am pretty excited about that!

I am also hard at work at getting ALL, yes, ALL my photos up on snapfish for people to browse, so I am going to go back to doing that for a bit.

I should be able to access the internet from my hotel in London, but if not, this may be my last post..........

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