London for breakfast, Paris for lunch, New York for dinner

My plans are now all set, and I have made a couple revisions to the stated itinerary so I can try to see a bit more while I am here. I will stay in Oxford Saturday night. I will get up reasonably early in the morning on Sunday and take the bus to London and make my way by taxi or subway to the Sheraton at Heathrow Airport. I will set up shop there and tour around London for the day on Sunday. That way, I can sightsee a bit and sleep in a bit later on Monday. My flight leaves Heathrow for Paris on Monday morning at 8:45 am. From Paris to JFK in New York. In New York, I have 4.5 hours between flights - thankfully - for I have to switch airports. I will take a taxi from JFK to LaGuardia. At LaGuardia, I will jump onto a small express jet and fly into Greensboro, NC. If all goes to plan, I will be in NC before 10pm on Monday, August 14. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Ms. Obsessed said...

Fingers are crossed! Sounds like quite a crazy itinerary, but I'm glad you're getting home. Defnitely let us know when you arrive!!