STILL Pregnant

Howdy, blog land!  In case any of you are curious - I am STILL pregnant and am starting to come to terms with the fact I may be forever.

In an amazing turn of events though, my hips no longer hurt like those of an 80 year old woman, and I am able to actually get out and walk for several miles without any pain.  I believe this is because my body has decided this child will live in my womb forever and must adapt if I am to stay a sane and somewhat normal person.

With that being said, I am SO ready to meet my baby girl and to get on with becoming a parent!!  The room is ready, the car seat is in the car, and all we can do is WAIT.  My due date is Thursday (Wednesday if you trust those internet due date trackers), and so far no signs of impending labor.

My mom informed me that I was TWELVE days late.  TWELVE.  I could actually be pregnant through almost mid September.  If this is the case, you may find me in a corner somewhere rocking myself as I sob.

Send good vibes - baby girl will be here eventually, RIGHT?

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Tiffany said...

I'm sorry, I'm really not laughing at you. I remember this feeling so well. Get as much rest as possible right now. Sleep deprivation is on the horizon. Sending you good vibes for an "easy" labor and delivery.