Updates! Updates! Get your updates!

Wow.  August 21 was the last time I blogged?  Yeesh.  I am a slacker to say the least.

But I'm still here!  I promise!  I should probably get back to this blogging gig, as I actually do have a lot to share.  Big changes on the horizon.  First off though, an update on the last couple months.

My  tri season ended at the Giant Eagle Triathlon on July 29.  Due to my job changes, racing a great deal was not in the cards this year.  I am happy to say that at Giant Eagle, I PRed on the Oly distance by over 14 minutes.  I rocked the bike (shaved off 6 minutes from 2011) and the run (shaved on 8 minutes from 2011).  Swim still kind of sucks. Overall, I finished with a 2:50 and placed 16/24 in my age group.  I'm happy with that!

For Labor Day weekend, I went to Minnesota to see one of my besties, Becky, get married.  It was a lovely ceremony in a lovely location.  I wore a lovely dress.

Grand Superior Lodge
Castle Danger, MN

In September, I ran.  I did the Hocking Hills Indian Run yet again, and I shaved almost 6 minutes off my time from this race in 2010.  I love trail running, so it was a great feeling to get out and run some major hills while getting a PR at the same time.

The next weekend, I headed out with my team "Hunka Hunka Burnin Runs" to complete the 200 mile Kentucky Bourbon Chase.  It was an amazing experience.  If you get the chance to do this race, do it.  It is very well put together and absolutely beautiful.  I made several new friends and overall just had a freaking blast.  We finished the race in just over 28 hours. My portion made up about 15 miles in total.  First leg was 7 miles, and the two after that were about 5.  I've never run that many miles in a 12 hour period, but I managed to keep a similar pace for all of them (about a 9:45).

I was Runner #1 for the team, so I got to start us off.  Don't I look happy??

Our team pic!

Post party - free bourbon.  Hells yes!
(Teammates L to R Sarah, Lynne, Me, Mike)

This weekend, I have one of my favorite local races - the Pink Strides Trail Run.  It's a local 5K run on the horse trails at a park.  It has some rollers, and it is really just a very pretty location in the fall.  My buddy Jer plans to run it with me, and last year he got me to a 5K PR of 28:19.  This year I hope beat that.  I'd love to have something sub 27, but that may be pushing it a bit.

As for the big life changes - well, I guess the biggest news is that come June 2013, I will begin the Wellness Coaching program through the Mayo Clinic.  The course is done mainly online, but I will spend four days at the Rochester, MN clinic in July.  I am also working towards my personal training certification.  My goal will be to work with individuals going from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, as well as becoming more active in community wellness.  Village exercise programs, school stuff, etc.  I'm all about wellness much more than I am about performance.  So far, I have taken some steps to make this happen, and I really love it.  This time next year, I hope to be fully immersed in my new career.  It is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

So, that's what has been up with me.  I promise to blog more.  Starting with today!


Matthew Smith said...

Way to go on the personal trainer thing! That's super impressive. And, WAY TO GO on PRing everything you have done recently. Great job with the Oly. And that 200 mile relay run sounds like a lot of fun. 15 miles is a long ways! :)

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Congratulations on taking the leap into a career that satisfies you. It will be worth it in the end.