Becoming a wuss

I must be on the path to become a total wuss when it comes to running.  Maybe it's that I am in the "end of season carb binge and not working out" phase of the year, or maybe I miss the warm temps.  This past Saturday I was supposed to run one of my favorite local races AND go for a 5K PR.

Ummmm, yeah, I didn't go.  I hadn't signed up for the race ahead of time, so technically it's not a DNS.  The race costs $30, and when I woke up to temps in the low 30s and a stead downpour of rain, I decided to not go.  It also happened to be the birthday of my running buddy who planned to go with me.  I knew he would race if I said I wanted to, but I thought maybe one of the best birthday presents of the day would be a text saying "Let's just sleep in."

I've run in rain, sleet, snow, wind, you name it.  But 35 and rainy this weekend was enough to have me say NOPE!

Le sigh.  Am I becoming a running wuss?  What are your hard line no's when it comes to running?

Yeah, I'm soft.  So what.


Tiffany Campiotti said...

This made me smile. Some days I love running in the rain/bad weather. Some days I go "HECK NO!". It's all good. Pick another 5k.

Matthew Smith said...

I bet you felt REALLY great about making that decision! And, I would have made it too. Good choice!!!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I wouldn't say you were a wuss, that is pretty chilly temps for a race! I might have stayed in bed and skipped it too!

Tribulus terrestris said...

Running in the rain would be dangerous. It was your perfect decision to skip it. This does not decrease the will power.

Tribulus Terrestris