Update! Update!

I know, I know.  Still no regular posting.  To be honest, I'm staying rather busy and rarely have access to a computer!  I despise typing from my iPhone, so a "once in a while" post is just going to have to do it for ya :-)  Here's an update on the past few weeks and the future few weeks:

- This weekend I was the leg manager for a five mile stretch of the first ever Relay Around Columbus.  It was a long day in the sun, but it was great fun.  I'm ready to run this in 2013, and it has me even more pumped for the Bourbon Chase in September.

- The Cycle Club at Life Time is growing by leaps and bounds.  Our rides have anywhere from 10-16 riders most gatherings, and this weekend we held our first ever All Club ride for the Columbus area.  Over 40 folks showed up to ride either 23 or 50 miles.  Amazing.

- In 18 days I will arrive in Muncie, IN to pick up my race packet.  I am racing my first ever Half Ironman on Saturday, July 7, 2012.  Holy.  F-ing. Shizz.

- I have not been swimming enough.  Which is kind of bad.  You know, since I have to swim 1.2 miles in a lake.  Yay doggy paddle?

- I am SO looking forward to the bike.  Grace and I are nearly inseparable.  I love her so much, and I can't wait to race her in a few weeks.  Due to my under-employed status, I haven't had the luxury of signing up for many races.  I was hoping to do a local race series or something, but I have to be smart with the cash.  Which means Muncie and Giant Eagle are the big focuses of this year.  I have to get my rear in check volunteering, too, or I sadly won't even meet the requirements for teamroll this year!

- Speaking of teamroll, our inaugural year is going great.  The team is out racing all sorts of events.  Our team kits should be in within the next 7-14 days.  I'll race in my team kit at Muncie.  AWESOME. Once the kit is in hand, I will be sure to post a picture!

That's about it here.  I think of you guys a lot - and I will try to get better at posting.  Be sure to know that a pic will come of the race kit, and I will also be sure to post a recap of Muncie!!!!


Matthew Smith said...

You're going to do so great at Muncie! You've put the training in, and now it's just time to enjoy it. Really! I'm serious! Just enjoy every minute of it, and it'll be one of your best days no matter how everything goes. I'm so excited for you, and I can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Pschall said...

How did your race go? I bet you rocked it! Time to type a little race report on your iphone... ;)