Guess what, bloglandians?  I am now among the ranks of the unemployed!  Seems like there is a bit of this going on out in blog land at the moment.  Mine was a self-prescribed unemployment.  On a Monday at 5:24pm, I gave my resignation.  I didn't walk in planning on giving my resignation that day.  But after a few events that happened within a few hours, I knew it was time to go.  I really adore my former boss and the business she has created - I knew I was not giving to 100% required to be successful.  My heart wasn't in it, and that's what she deserves.  Sales has to be in your blood to be successful - you have to thirst for the next kill deal, and I never had it.  I loved the relationship development, but I never lusted for the capture of the kill.  It was my sales downfall.  So I left.

Which means I now have a lot of time on my hands.  What will I do next?  I'm not quite sure.  I'll probably teach more spinning.  I may get certified to teach some additional things.  I'll help take care of my mother in law when she moves here in less than a month.  I'll keep the house clean, and I'll train like a beast for IM70.3 Muncie (which is now less than 9 weeks away).

I'll reflect, I'll try to find a real path.  I'll find creative ways to make money.  I'll figure it out.

On the race front, I missed my sub 2:15 goal at the Capital City Half Marathon this Saturday by 4 seconds.  My time?  2:15:03.  That damn sub 2:15 still alludes me!  But I ran a great race - and as another friend pointed out "surely, there's a margin of error with those timing devices". I still want to see it in print through - 2:14:59 or faster.  I WILL get there.


Christi said...

Welcome! I am unemployed right now as well. Some days it is great and some days it sucks! Of course, having all the time in the world to train is awesome!

You will get your sub-2:15! I know it!

Meredith said...

In my book, a 2:15 is a 2:15. When I set a goal for a 3:30 marathon I still counted it when I ran a 3:30:XX. And then the next marathon I went out there and busted it.

Good luck with the Funemployment. The fun for me being unemployed was to find the most creative ways to make and save money.

Katie Duffy said...

Wow! Congratulations? Sales is tough... nothing against your former employer, about whom I know nothing, but I'm amazed you stuck it out as long as you have. This is potentially really exciting. Maybe you'll be the next big name tri coach! Until then, welcome to FUNemployment! It's great here!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the race