Turkey Trot Success

My, how much can change in a year.  Last year at the Granville Turkey Trot, I busted my rear in hopes of clocking my first ever sub 30 minute 5K. I reached my goal in 2010 - I crossed the finish line in 28:07 - my first ever sub 30.  But damn did I give it everything I had.

This year, I ran the Granville Turkey Trot again.  Yet this year, I ran it with friends.  We chose to run together and well, trot.  We started near the middle of the pack and weaved our way through in a sometimes snake like fashion.  We joked, laughed, chatted, and all around had a good time.  About a half mile or so from the finish, J pointed out that if we picked up the pace a bit we could still finish sub 30.  Really?  Just a fun run with friends and we were on track for last year's goal??  Awesome.  Three of us picked up the pace (and yes, that last chunk was a tad uncomfortable), but we crossed the finish line in 28:55 - only 42 seconds slower than last year.  And that was with the first 2.5 miles at a casual chit chat pace.  Freakin awesome.

Unfortunately, it had little effect to knock out the tens of thousands of calories consumed over the next several days, but it was a good start.  Now, back to the grind!!!!!  (I did attend a "holiday detox yoga" class on Sunday to help move along the process - it's a start!!!!)

J, TJ, J, S and Me
Granville Turkey Trotters!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on going Sub 30

Kristin said...

yay! You don't realize how time flies when your with friends!

Ms. Duffy said...

Nice job!

Matthew Smith said...

Nice work! It's always nice to push it a tad and know that you did great. Good job!