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Thanks to BDD, I got tagged with the "Versatile Blogger Award" - this forces me to share seven deep dark secrets (or random facts, either/or) about myself.  So, here goes.

1) I used to dream of being a broadcast journalist.  I wanted to go to DePauw University and be the next real-life Murphy Brown.  My fave female journalists all had pageant backgrounds in their youth.  You see where this is going?

2) I competed in TWO pageants as a young girl.  Miss Czech Fest (oh yeah I did - and no, I'm not even Czech) and the Needville Youth Fair.  I came in first runner up in the Youth Fair pageant - I was only 3 steps away from Miss Texas, dammit.
My Mom made me a dress very similar in style to this - except I was about eight years old.

3) I wanted to be an astronaut prior to my desire to be a TV personality.  Then, I read a book by Sally Ride where she talked in very specific terms about all the medical testing required to become an astronaut.  Between the mention of all the shots, blood tests and a colo-rectal exam, I decided that maybe space wasn't for me.

4) My first boyfriend was (and still is) a firefighter - he was a senior when I was a freshman in high school.  Scandalous!  We dated for almost four years.

5) I helped build Aggie Bonfire two years in a row when I attended Texas A&M as an undergraduate.  My senior year (1999), the bonfire collapsed killing 12 students.

Aggie Bonfire 1998 - the last one on record.

6) I have only been without a pet for two years of my life - my first two years in college.

7) The first time I did volunteer work was for a biker rally.  My ex and I signed up women for a hot dog eating contest and a wet t-shirt contest.  The event was sponsored by the City of College Station.

So, I am supposed to tag 12 bloggers.  I choose not to :-)  But I will tag D, as I know she will probably do it.  Then if she can tag an additional 6, that would be awesome.

Happy weekend, everyone!!!!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, I will say, this has been the most interesting one I have read

James said...

I'm an aggie too! I graduated in 2002 (BS) and 2004 (MS). I transferred in as a senior in 2000, but I did happen to be in Aggieland checking the school out when the bonfire fell. Very sad!! It was my first experience with the school and something I'll never forget.

Colleen said...

Great list... such crazy things! I think you need to post some pictures of you in the dress your mom made you! :)