A weekend to celebrate

First off - HUGE good vibes to everyone racing Rev3 Cedar Point this weekend (specifically Matty-O and Heather!!!).  I was hoping to make it out there, but plans have changed.  Therefore, I will focusing all my good energy towards the race from G-ville.  I cannot wait to hear how it all goes!!!!

Second - I'm getting out of my funk.  I decided to start doing things my way - breaking some rules and going against the grain a bit.  I think that will work out fine for a while.

Third - I am going to do a "silly" race this weekend.  A friend and I are going to do the Tour de Donut Saturday morning.  A 30 mile bike race with two pit stops.  For every donut you eat at the pitstop, they subtract 5 minutes from your finishing time.  Awesome you say?  Yes, yes it is.
Fourth - One of my bestest buddies in the world has decided to make a last minute trip up from NC to visit the hubs and me.  I haven't seen her in over a year  now (gasp), so that first hug tonight is going to be amazing.  And I may cry.

My Cookie and me :-)

Fifth - G-ville has it's annual Hotlicks Blues Festival this weekend.  Therefore, Saturday after the ride, we will be camping out in the road listening to great music and drinking cold beer.

Sixth - I've decided to move my life in the direction of my passion.  Looks like I am going to sign up to get certified to teach spin.  Yup.  My spin classes changed my life, and I want to do that for others.  I've alreday got a teaching gig lined up as soon as I have my certification in hand.  First step to the future of my life.

Seventh - Wednesday was our Betsy-versary.  One year with our little fuzzball.  So full of life and love - she has added so much fun to our world.  We love you, Betsy!!!!!

Eighth  - I am helping a friend get ready for her first half marathon.  We're doing Couch to 5K into Hal Higdon's Intro Half plan.  We're taking it very slow and steady - 17-20 weeks with no actual race on the calendar yet.  Today she did a 2 mile run.  I am SO proud of her.

I guess I am learning to do what you are passionate about  - the rest will follow.  Thanks for listening - and kick some ass this weekend, racers!!!!!


Matthew Smith said...

I'm glad you're getting out of the funk. That donut race sounds amazing! I wish I could do it too! Have a blast!

Ms. Duffy said...

Yay for getting unstuck! So proud and happy for you!

James said...

Sounds like you're on the upswing. Keep it up.