Race Report: Tour de Donut 2011

Awesome.  The short of the long is that if you live in Ohio, you should do this race.  Registration will open for 2012 on January 1 next year.  Sign up fast - it will sell out next time around.

My friend Sue, Jon and I departed G-ville at the early hour of 5:30am to make the two hour drive out to Arcanum, Ohio.  We were greeted by a ridiculously long registration line - but luckily we hear someone yell "Is anyone doing race day registration?"  We jumped up and down showing we were, and we got to cut to the front of the line.  One of those times where procrastination pays off.  We got registered, then off to get our bikes and head up to the start corral.

The race is a 32 mile course on very flat terrain.  At mile 12, you hit donut stop #1.  For every donut you eat, you get 5 minutes deducted from your finishing time.  My secret goal was to kill off a total of 6 donuts in the race.  Once I saw the donuts, I realized that would NOT be happening. These were like doubledecker glazed donuts.  At stop 1, I only managed 2 - and that was a CHORE.  Sue gulped down 3.  Amazing.  At the start, we had actually run into my spin instructor and a friend of his - at stop 1 they both downed 6 donuts a piece.  Amazing.

You then hit the road again - and we went right into a headwind.  Of course the donuts also start to turn into lead bricks in your belly, too.  At about mile 26, you hit donut stop #2.  I only managed one more.  And that one nearly came back up.  When all was said and done - time adjusted for donuts was about 1:56 for the full 32 miles.  This race was just pure fun.  Lots of families, tandem bikes, mountain bikes, TT bikes, you name it.  Just an all around good time.  And here's the photographic proof:


Matty O said...

hilarious. I know I could do some damage down there ;)

James said...

That sounds like an awesome race!

Matthew Smith said...

What an awesome event! 6 donuts? That was a pretty lofty goal. I don't know if I could keep 'em down either. I'm glad you had fun.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, i didnt know it was that far away

I want to do that event someday