My super short hair

I haven't had my hair this short since 2nd grade. I've had it short in the past four years, but never like this. I got sick and tired of trying to jam all that hair up under a swim cap. First time I have ever primarily cut my hair due to a "hobby" - or dare I now call it my "lifestyle." Thanks, Triathlon, you got me to chop off all my hair. But I'm kind of loving the fact it now takes me five minutes to do my hair. (excuse the formality, I set up a home portrait studio to get a pic for work's website!!!)

In order: The front, the back, an alternate view :-)


Ms. Duffy said...

Cute hair! Especially the nice layered back. Race schedule looks solid, too. What distances are you doing?

M said...

I opted for all Sprint lengths. I *may* throw in an Olympic length in July, I think I'm just going to focus on rocking this distance. It could change though!