Moving On....

Thanks, all, for indulging me yesterday. I don't get low that often anymore (thanks, regular exercise!), but when it happens it sucks. So I appreciate you indulging my pity party. Today, the party is over. Snap out of it, little camper! (That was directed at me - not you, BTW.)

Whenever I get down about stuff, I have my pity party then take an evaluation of what I can actually do to change my circumstances. A person can stand there and whine and bitch, or they can take appropriate action and make a change. Yesterday I did the former for a good chunk of the day - today is the latter.

I booked a bike fitting. Tomorrow after work I will be heading to roll: in Columbus to finally find out what size I need in a bike. I can't afford a roll: bike at the moment, but some day I hope to. I figure this will be a big learning experience, and I am looking forward to it. I also made an appointment for the dog to get her hair cut. She has all sorts of knots and looks like an Ewok. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow where I will finally disclose the ailments that have been bugging me and make sure I am healthy. I have a dentist appointment scheduled for Thursday morning. I am going to knock stuff off my to-do list. I already feel better.

Yesterday the weather broke long enough for me to get out and pull off a three mile run in my sweet new Zoot running shoes. The run started off fine, but the heat and humidity started to bear down really quickly. Less than two miles in I had to WALK. What??? My body isn't acclimated to "summer humid" running yet, and it kicked my rear yesterday. At least I got 3 some odd miles in before I melted to a puddle on the sidewalk.

Today is my last week of masters swim. I only paid for two months, and that ends on Thursday. While I am kind of excited, I am also kind of bummed. Getting over to the pool is a tough draw for me - I have to talk myself into it each and every time. Not having the accountability of a class may hurt me. The good thing is that I should be able to start using the pool at the nearby University, but that means getting up in the AM and hauling myself over there. May I have strength.

That's it for me at the moment - and Indy is less than a week and a half away. I got my registration card, and I am in Corral O - hopefully I start before the sun starts blaring down!!!!


Christi said...

Knocking out your to-do list is a great way to get over things that are bringing you down.

I understand how you feel about swimming. I used to have problems getting to pool but I had to rework my thought processes. It wasn't easy but I think I have it conquered now. So if I can do it you can do it!

Good luck with the bike fitting! I hope you find a bike someday soon.

Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

To-do lists are great....I prefer weekly GOAL lists. I make a list of goals that include things from my to-do list, work, and training. It makes it challenging to get things done and holds me accountable to the bigger picture. just an idea. Good luck and great blog

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Have fun at the fitting and the Star Trek machine, you will know soon enough what I am talking about.