The Marshall Law

I work in sales. And I am relatively new at sales. It is really REALLY hard. The good days are great, but the bad days can feel REALLY bad. Today feels like one of those bad days. Marshall Ulrich has a new book out, and I have seen this "Ten Commandments of Ultra Running" on several blogs. I actually printed this out and put it on my desk. Beyond running, it sure as hell applies to sales, too. Enjoy.

The Marshall Law
1) Expect a journey and a battle.
2) Focus on the present and set intermediate goals.
3) Don't dwell on the negative.
4) Transcend the physical.
5) Accept your fate.
6) Have confidence that you will succeed.
7) Know that there will be an end.
8) Suffering is okay.
9) Be kind to yourself.
10) Quitting is not an option.


Kristin said...

Sounds like some good laws there!! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I likey this, I am printing this out for myself