It hurts so good?

As soon as I am done with my swim "cooldown" (I don't get the term 'cooldown' - it just exhausts me again!), I feel great. I know that 45-60 minutes of pure, unadulterated torture is over. I am proud that I made it through and so glad that I have a 48 hour reprieve until I have to go through it again. I am referring to masters swim, of course.

I sit here with less than 3 hours to go until my Tuesday evening class. Although I am fully aware that I will have that euphoric feeling of completion in less than 4 hours, it is so hard to get amped up to get in the pool. It's absolutely exhausting each and every time. Every single time. It would probably help if there were finally some other people in the class, but as awesome as two hours of private instruction is for the skillz - it's purely exhausting.

I love the fact that I can complain about this at all. It's a good problem to have - super cheap swim lessons and the ability to even be able to swim and take the time to work on it. But humbug. I kind of just want to take a nap :p

Whine over.

Had a great 8 mile run on Sunday! Longest one in quite some time. I managed to pull it off with an average pace of about 9:32, so I am a happy camper. My goal for Indy is to bust 2:15 for the time. If I can keep on track with this pacing, I should be able to do it.

Now I just have to sign up for some tris. Oh money tree, why are you taking so long to sprout???

Update: To keep with full disclosure, I skipped swim tonight. I talked myself out of it. I will make up for it Saturday - I promise!!!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hear about the money tree, I still do not know how I am going to pay for my tris, I only paided for one so far.

What ones are you thinking of doing?

There are 2 new race orgs in Ohio, with more races in the Columbus area, so you dont have to feel like traveling 2 hours to a race




M said...

Thanks for the heads up on this, BDD! Like I mentioned before, I plan on starting at Deer Creek - but I haven't even registered yet. I'm considering the Wendy's tri and a few other HFP races, but I like the look of a few of the ones on the sites you recommended. I haven't allowed myself to get too pumped about anything in case the purse strings are too tight to register. I also considered the Tri for Joe, but again - $$.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Deer Creek is out for me, I done the race 2x's, I will email you what to expect

Only one I paid for was Atheltes in Action in Athens OH

the ones I am thinking about are
8180 tri
Tri for Joe
Findlay tri
Muncie 70.3
Great Buckeye Challenge
and Rev3

M said...

I did the Women's only at Deer Creek last year and felt okay about it - I thought it may be a cool return. One year from the day of my first tri ever!

Matthew Smith said...

If you get your money tree to sprout, let me know. I could use one too! It's not like we're wasting our money on junk food, but we're using the money to motivate us to keep our bodies in good health! Come on money tree!

Christi said...

If you find a money tree, let me know. I need some new gear! :)