Guess who is doing FLIP TURNS?

Sure they don't do jack crap for me on an open water swim, but they sure do look sweet in the pool.

And I am now able to swim 1200+ yds in about 40 minutes. That's with drills, rest breaks, etc. But hey, I'm improving!!!!!


Christi said...

Yay! I am still working on my flip turns but I am getting closer to adding them to my workouts everyday!

Ms Mae said...

LOL. I'm sure you looked great....I'd look like a beached whale :)

I've been thinking of adding swimming into my routine a couple times per week. . . but I'm not/nor have I ever been good at it.

Excited for your tri?

M said...

Ms Mae, there is no way I would be at all succesful with this swimming stuff without my masters swim class. It has been a lifesaver.

Christi, I didn't start putting them in until the last half of yesterday's workout, but I managed to throw in a good chunk of them in my 50s. And no water up my nose! I am going to start folding them in all the time now. With each one, it gets a bit more fluid!!!! We will be flip turners together!!!!

Ms. Duffy said...

Oooh, jealous! I can't do those! I've wanted to ever since my friends Amy and Tricia were on the swim team and during our "swimming" unit in gym they kept doing them but I didn't get it... wah :( Ha ha! Nice endurance, too... wasn't it just a few weeks ago you hadn't gone 1000 yards without stopping? You rock!

M said...

Oh no. Still not close to 1000 yards without stopping!! I def have to take breaks, etc. But I can do 50s in drills now :p