The changing of the seasons

WOW. What a whirlwind week. What I thought would be a final two weeks at the old job turned into a "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out" type farewell, and I was wrapped up in 2 days. This abrupt change in plans meant I got a six day weekend and started my new career on Wednesday of this week. I am now MNB - Executive Recruiter! I've always been told I would be good at sales, so I am giving it a shot. If I can help people and companies find better opportunities, what a "thing" to sell. So far, so good. I am enjoying the work, the people I work with, and the fact that my daily commute is now less than 4 minutes each way. Once spring officially decides to stay, I'll start walking or biking in. Woot woot!

Anyway, with the new job change, I am having to figure out some switch ups to my training regimen. My gym is 20 miles away - it used to be convenient because it was just over the half way point to my old job. Now, it's, well, 20 miles away. But I need the pool access, and I am in love with my spin classes and run club. I'm not giving up my membership quite yet. I'm doing masters swim for another 6 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am sticking with that. (and can I say I both DREAD and LOVE those classes? I am still the only person in masters swim, so that means I am really getting private instruction for 2 hours a week...which is great, but tortuously hard. Last Tuesday I had to hold my head in the water a few extra seconds so
I could pull it together and NOT cry in my goggles. Oh geez. But I will NOT let this swim stuff defeat me. I can tell I am already getting stronger.)

Beyond swim, I haven't been to Tuesday morning spin for a couple weeks now. I just can't stomach making the drive in the AM only to turn around and do it again in the PM. Which sucks, cause I love my Tuesday morning spin. I'm also not making my Wednesday night run club any more either, as why would I drive the 40 miles roundtrip 3 days in a row when I don't have to? Since the weather is getting nicer, I'll just pound out those miles here in town. The 2 hour Performance Cycle classes only last another two weeks, and I will definitely miss those on Saturday afternoons. I have thrived in that class, and it will be a bummer to see it wrap up. It does mean that we get to go out and ride on the road, but since I'm a noob - I'm nervous. I have the super cool new bike, but it still seems pretty scary to me. I have to face the fear, but I'm
timid. Exciting and scary at the same time.

One of the good things about being in town though is that I just may start hitting the local kickboxing class down the street on Mondays at 5:30pm. The class is kick ass, and every woman that attends is awesome. It's a group I would be happy to be a part of. So I have that going for me.

What I'm trying to say is that I am now trying to get a new training groove going. And I am so excited for the season to start. Except I haven't signed up for ANY early season tris yet - which is a problem. With the new job starting and a very different pay scale, I'm hesitant to star
t shelling out registration fees. But I guess it will have to be done sometime, right? I think I will kick off the season at Deer Creek. It's where I started last year, so why not this year??? And I also need to find an Olympic length to try, too!

Last thing - I got some SWEEEEEET new shoes yesterday. Thanks to a late cash Christmas gift and an awesome Groupon to the Columbus Running Company, I got the new Saucony Kinvaras. WOW. They are less than 7 ounces a piece. These bad boys are light light light. It's a minimalist shoe that encourages the mid foot strike, so it will be my go to racing shoe. I tried them out today, and I do have to be careful in them. If I heel strike, my arches start to fall and my ankle hurts. Every step has to be mid foot. But I am looking forward to flying down the road in these!!!!!

Okay, I think I am going to go take a nap. I have my first FULL week of the new job this week, and I also plan on doing some serious training this week. There are many miles to go, and I'll do them after I take a quick sleep :-)

Keep at it, everyone!!!!!

P.S. Less than a month to the Kansas half marathon!!!!


Kristin said...

I love my Kinvaras! I have hot pink ones! anyways, I think you should start your own running club and invite people at work and aroung your neighborhood!! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I didnt know you did Deer Creek last June, I was there, I remember the down pouring and the lightning. and being soaked as we all tried to huddle under that shelter.

Deer Creek is my nightmare, I have never had a good race there, it haunts me like no end.

M said...

I did the women's only tri the Saturday before, so we missed the scary weather!! I remember you mentioning something about crap weather though.....

Jogging with Fiction said...

Those shoes are sweet! Awesome that you're liking your new job (though kind of stinky how the other one ended).