How do I register?

Alright, all, I have a logistical question. Here's the deal.

I am about ready to start committing to my summer race season. I know what races I want to do, so now I really just need to register for them. I'll be doing all local races, as the summer is already shaping up to be very travel heavy for other parts of my life. Therefore, local racing it will be.

Here's the dilemma.

As of this morning, my weight was 150.6 on the gym scale. My home scale tells me I am at about 147. I tend to go with the gym scale as more accurate since it probably cost more than $15 from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

For nearly every tri I want to do, there is an Athena category. Athenas are female triathletes weighing 150 pounds or more.

By May, or June, or July, I will probably not weigh 150 or more. Between my continued training and racing, I am guessing that 0.6 pounds or more will fall off before any of my scheduled triathlons. BUT - I have trained for two half marathons before and not lost a pound. I possibly could still be 150.1 or more by my first triathlon.

So how do I register? Competing in the Athena category pits me against women who are definitely more my size. Considering many of your top age group triathletes are probably in the 120-135 range (I would assume), my extra 15 pounds makes a definite difference. But again, I don't race purely to try and win. But it sure would be nice to finally have a top 3 finish at some point in my life. As an Athena, I have that chance. In my age group, no shot in hell.

I wouldn't cheat - if I ended up being 149 on the day of the race, I assume I could alert the race director to put me in my age group, right? Or do I just go ahead and register for my age group anyway and try and push myself to the extreme?



Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yes, when you check in on race day, you can let the person know that you would like to change your division. Its quick and simple, no forms or anything, they just click a mouse.

M said...

Sweet! Thanks, BDD!

Tiffany said...

Register Athena and if you lose, like BDD said, you can change division. I know at our half they did an actual weigh-in to check (don't know if this is standard or not?)
Happy training!

M said...

Oh wow - they actually put people on a scale?? That would actually be the best scenario I guess for me - that way it would literally just depend on the day. Thanks for the heads up, Tiffany!!!

Liz said...

They've had scales at registration for most races I've done. Good luck !