These are a few of my favorite blogs....

(if you did not read (sing) the title to this blog post to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music, please go back and do so. i'll wait......)

Anyway, Everymantri.com currently has its "Best Endurance Blogs of 2010" race going on. I point this out because some blogs I especially enjoy are on the list. Maybe some of your favorite blogs are listed, too. You can place your vote by clicking HERE.

I have two real favorites on the roll of nominees. The first is:

Why? you ask. Well, because not only is his blog pretty funny, he's a man on a mission doing what he loves. I admire that greatly. Not only is he out there racing, meeting lots of other blog peeps while doing so, he also has an awesome gear line (Punk Rock Racing). I was lucky enough to snag a tech tee in a giveaway not so long ago. I have no idea why I haven't posted a photo til now. So here it is:
My face is covered by the phone because I took this photo at about 4:45am before heading out to spin class. No one is pretty at that time of day(night?). So I spared you.

My other fave on this list is:

If the name of the blog itself doesn't intrigue you, then, well......maybe the blog isn't for you. But I appreciate that Steve is a non stop blogger constantly pushing himself towards new goals - with brightly colored gear almost always in tow. It's also fun to hear about the racing exploits of his wife "Pharmie." Overall just fun reading.

So, go over to everymantri and place your votes!!!

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