I just know it will be a great year.

I have gone back and forth about doing some sort of in-depth "what do I plan to do in 2011" post, but I have opted against it. The things I want to do are simple and straightforward.

I want distance to be my friend. I plan to up my base weekly mileage starting this week. Which means running more than twice a week. I don't have a set # in my head for a weekly quota, but it should be at least double digits.

I plan on racing only events I feel prepared for and really want to race. I'm going to skip the indoor tris for now, and instead spend that time and $$ getting gear I need (a bike) and training for the real deal this summer.

I plan to have fun.

The end.

Happy New Year, all!!!

May we all have lots of fun together and kick some ass, too.