Fast Food Friday

FYI - This is a one time only theme. As a veggie person, fast food isn't on my radar much. First, fast food just isn't good for you. First time you've heard that, huh? Oddly enough, the ONE thing that stopped me from turning vegetarian earlier in my life was what I called "the cheeseburger dollar." I always kept a $1 bill in my car's visor in case I had the urge to stop somewhere and get a cheeseburger. McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King - almost every fast food burger chain - has some sort of burger available for $1 or less. I loved having that dollar bill available to me so I could stop at any time and grab a "snack" of a burger. I was a HUGE fan of fast food, and it...um...well, kind of started making me....huge. Okay, so not huge, but bigger. There was one point in my life where I know I was eating at a fast food joint at least one out of every 3-4 meals. Insane. How on earth did I do that?

ANYWAYS, the lack of veggie and nutrient friendly food at fast food restaurants keeps me away most of the time, but there are other times its nearly the only option. Or it is SO convenient, it just doesn't make sense to go somewhere else. Like today. I had to hit up the bike shop as I had yet another bike issue yesterday - a damn flat tire. I get dressed to ride last night when I got home, hauled myself outside, walked to the bike and FLAT. Dammit. I start to pump it up then hear SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSShit. No ride for me last night. Hubby popped the back tire off for me and I hauled it in today.

(Side note: I went to Bicycle One in Gahanna to have the tube replaced. The guy who helped me was so very sweet. He showed me HOW to replace a tube when you have a flat, and he even gave me a couple tire levers. I am now all prepped to change a tube shall I ever have a flat again, and the whole thing cost me just over $6! Awesome.)

Right across the street from the bike shop is a Wendy's. It was 12:35pm, and I was hungry. Hmmmm. Wendy's? Sure, why the heck not. You know - not a bad lunch. I just got a baked potato and a side garden salad with a diet coke. $4.88. This option, while still not the healthiest in the world is better than my other fast food options. Wanna know what vegetarians (or at least this one) order from fast food joints? Here you go:
McDonalds: Two cheeseburger meal with no meat
Burger King: BK Garden Burger - not that bad, but not that great
Chick-fil-A: Waffle Fries
Steak & Shake: Fries
Sonic: Grilled Cheese, Tater Tots and a Diet cherry limeade
Arby's: Jalapeno Poppers, Fries and a Jamocha Shake
Taco Bell: Seven Layer Burrito, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes or Mexican Pizza with no meat
Healthy, huh???? What are your fast food staples????

Side note: Does anyone remember when Wendy's used to have a full salad bar in the restaurant? I can remember going with my Mom and her getting a baked potato and the salad bar. Damn, I wish they still did that!!!!

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Lazy Goldfish said...

i remember dipping my wendys bread stick in my frosty.