Reflections on Travel

I have driven 1500 miles in four days. Therefore, I have had some time on my own to ponder life and many of its happenstances. I thought I would share some road exhaustion musings with you.

1) Butterflies should not cross interstates. It is terribly depressing to drive for four hours with a smooshed butterfly staring back at you.

2) Every time I see animal transport trucks on the freeway, I am fully reinvigorated about my decision to become vegetarian. Looking into the eyes of an animal on its way to slaughter makes me cry nearly every time. And that's not a great idea considering I am driving alone in the mountains with lots of traffic :-\ On this trip I saw 5 trucks on the way to NC and 8 on the way home to Ohio.
3) It would be super awesome if once a year the West Virgina Turnpike was shut down to car traffic and was used for a cycling race/experience. How cool would that be??

4) Downtown Durham is freaking awesome. I am thrilled it has gotten so amazing but kind of sad I haven't lived there for its recent renaissance.

5) It is really hard to come up with boy names that start with "M." Well, uncommon boys names that sound cool anyway.

6) The veggie burger at Burger King doesn't gross me out anymore. If anything, it's a new fun part of road trips. But road trips ONLY.

7) Road trips make me feel a bit bloated and round. I assume #6 on this list has something to do with this.

8) Being a trucker must take a very special kind of personality and an iron stomach.

9) PBR at the Fed in Durham tastes different than PBR anywhere else in the world. It is the only place I drink it and really enjoy it.

10) I miss my husband. A bunch.


Anonymous said...

Regarding #5, is there a reason this was on your mind? You're not holding out on us, are you? Considering your later musings on PBR, I'm guessing not... ;)


M said...

ummmmmm, no :-) But for eight hours in the car each way, one's mind wanders...

T said...

Funny, I went to the exact same thought as Darrah :)

Kristin (Triathlon Dreams) said...

Cute post! Congrats on you becoming Vegetarian. I am not a big meat eater but feel I cannot give up my turkey or my chicken!!!

M said...

Thanks, Kristin! I gave up meat about 5 or 6 years ago, but still - thanks for the congrats. one of the best decisions I've ever made. And trust me, once the meat's gone, you really don't miss it that much. Thanksgiving? sure. But otherwise, I love my veggies!!!!

tobyontour said...

A friend of a fried called their son 'Merlin'. Initially it sounds a bit too wizardly, but when you think about it a bit longer it's phonetically rather good and the bird called 'merlin' is rather handsome.