Two Races in Two Days?

My next sprint triathlon (and a full length sprint distance at that) is on Sunday, July 4. It will be the JCC Independence Triathlon in Westerville. If all goes well, that should be done in a couple of hours Sunday morning. (sidenote: only 8 spots left as of noon today for a sellout race - 250 competitors total)

It being July 4 weekend, that means it is one of the biggest race weekends in the country. My little community is hosting a 5 mile run that Monday morning, July 5 - the Granville Firecracker 5-Miler.

I could walk to the start from my house in less than 5 minutes.

But should I commit to 2 races in 2 days? I've never done anything like that before. My Mom will also be in town visiting that weekend. Should I commit her to waiting at finish lines two mornings in a row? Technically, she could just sleep in for the second race, and I could wake her up after I walk back home. Comments? Suggestions? I'm leaning towards trying this little challenge, but I want to make sure I am considering all my options....

UPDATE 06/25/2010: I am registered for the Granville race! This will be my first ever "2 races in 2 days!" Way to start off my 32nd year of life, right????


gmontalvo13 said...

i think you should do it! you always feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards!

T said...

Do it! As long as you're not going for a PR with the 2nd race, it will be an awesome accomplishment for you.