It is now official. I've paid my fee and signed up for a one day membership in the US Triathlon Association for race day. I will be doing a super mini sprint tri on June 5 in the Girls Tri Too series. It's women only and the course is a tad shorter than a normal sprint tri. It's an environment that has been billed as noncompetitive and very friendly to ladies just wanting to try a tri. Here's the race series: http://www.hfpracing.com/events/2010/girls-tri-too/

The distances seem manageable - a 250y swim, a 7 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run. I *should* be able to pull that off at my current fitness level. I know the 2 mile run will be fine. The 250y swim should be okay too. The only thing that "worries" me about that part is that it is open water. I do NOT like fish touching me. Please, fish, do not touch me. The water may also be a bit chilly, and I don't plan on using a wetsuit for this race. The bike ride scares me a bit though. The Doughman bike ride back in 2008 kicked my butt, and it was only 7 miles or so. I came in dead last with 20 or so riders beating me. I am going to have to do some serious biking over the next few weeks!!! (I'll start today on the stationary bike here at work!)
I also registered for the race in the "Athena" division. This is the first time I am publically classifying myself as 150 lbs or more in a public race setting. Not quite sure how I feel about that one.
After talking to several ladies (thanks for your advice!!), I think I will either piece together a swimsuit from items I have at home (a nice long tank style sportsbra I have plus swim bottoms) for the swim, or I will get a cheapy one piece suit at Target. I'll just throw shorts over the bottom for the cycle and run.
I am just SO excited about all this. I hope it turns out to be a good experience!!!


T said...

Excellent!!! Congratulations. I look forward to reading about it!

Julie (ROJ) said...

I did a race for that series in my area and LOVED it. It really is fun and not too competitive. In face I plan to do 2 of their series this summer. Hope you end up loving it! And the distances are short enough you should be fine with your clothing choices

M said...

Yay, Julie! I am thrilled to hear positive things about the upcoming adventure. The series sounds fantastic. Since I'm doing the first one, I wonder if I can contain myself and resist doing others in the series!!!