A celebration prior to the race

My girls and me!

Me and the Laurenita
The Dr. Husband and Me

Getting a serenade from the boys under the "Fun"brella

Enjoying Thirsty Thursday with Marty

After my awesome 10K, my training hat fell off. I know I can make it through the half on Saturday. It won't be super speedy, but it will be with my best friend and I will have a great time. I originally wanted to shave time off last year's race - but I would not be devastated if I didn't. It would be awesome if I did though :-) ANYWAY. Rather than running 10 miles this past weekend, Mike and I traveled to North Carolina.

We spent one night in Durham (Thirsty Thursday, natch), which was fantastic. All sorts of people came out and we had a riotous ol' time at The Fed, The Joyce and The Whiskey. Evidently we only go to "the" bars in Durham. ha!

The next day we scopped up a friend of ours at the airport and drove up to Roanoke Rapids for the wedding of two dear friends. Had a blast there. Drank way too much. Ate too much. But the great thing is that i actually did get two runs out of the weekend. I did a 30 minute run on the treadmill Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning I wandered off and found the "Roanoke Rapids Canal Trail" and did a 3 mile run out there. While it wasn't long distance running, it kept me sharp and I stayed at a brisk pace. Once the runs were out of the way though, it was party in full swing.

Race day is in 3 days!!!!

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