Seven Week Slump

Here we are, week seven of training. The beautiful spring like weather we had last week has all but disappeared. It is cold again, rainy, and gray. This is evidently what Ohio winters are normally like. Icky.

My week day runs are now either 4.5 or 5 miles, and I can't imagine running outside in this. Yet, I will not venture into the land of torture that is the treadmill, so I guess I will be putting a rain slicker and getting a tad damp.

But UGH I don't want to go run. I know I will feel extremely proud after I have completed today's 4.5 miles, but I have yet to even get out of my PJs. Yeah yeah, I know it's noon. But it is my last two weeks of unemployment. I'm going to enjoy it!

Alright - I'll go get geared up. Let's get this over with.

In other news though....

(and yes, I believe in free speech and all, but if you post crappy comments about this very awesome piece of legislation, they will be deleted. this is my happy place)


T said...

I go through the EXACT same thing on rainy mornings. I'll sometimes put my running clothes on in the morning and sit around for hours gearing up to get going. Good luck with it!

M said...

Thanks for the commiseration (and for reading!). Running gear is on. Now to make it outside....