Week 1: Complete!

The condition of most Granville sidewalks!
(pic snapped on my 4 mile run this morning)

Week one of training is complete. The weather here has been snow, snow and more snow, so it has been a bit tough to get out. I have completed my workouts by transforming the basement to a workout area (jump rope, situps, pushups, yoga), running the treadmill at the Denison gym and doing workout DVDs in the living room. This works fine during the week, but the weekend long run really needs to be outside - I need to get the full distance in, and I also just need a break from the indoors. Therefore, this morning I treated myself to a 4 mile run in 20 degree weather (the news said it "felt like 12 degrees" - I tend to agree). It was pretty chilly for the first mile, but after my body warmed up due to the exercise it was substantially warmer. The biggest problem was figuring out WHERE to run. Most of the sidewalks are still snow/ice covered, but the roads in Granville are only plowed enough for two cars to safely get by one another. Therefore road running gets a bit tricky if there is any sort of traffic. I managed to wind through town safely though and did an out and back course that kicked my rear. Besides the snow and ice, the route is filled with all sorts of hills - and the majority of them are in the final mile. I trudged through though (with a few uphill walks needed). It was a slow and cold 4 miles, but I can say that I have really completed week 1 of half marathon training. Only 11 to go!!!!!

Other updates: JOBS: I have one new offer and let one go. Waiting to hear on one other position at Ohio State, and am now in the running for a university position close to home. I won't be jobless too much longer!!!!!


Mrs. Duffy said...

Boo, snow! I agree you need a break from the treadmill. Congratulations on the job offers!

ohhmay said...

Hey, do you live in Granville?? I live in Stillwater!! :-D We used to go to Granville all the time for track meets. Yay for small towns! (maybe...)