Ridiculous Addictions: Dexter

OH MY GOODNESS. Mike and I have flown through all four seasons of Dexter. Thanks to Netflix and some creative digging around, we finished up Season 4 this weekend. I already miss Dexter. I didn't think this was a show I could get into, but I was 100% sucked in by the second or third episode of season 1. Mike and I watched at least 2 episodes each night before going to bed. At the end of the opening sequence, as Dexter walked along the balcony of the apartment building, both of us would wave at the TV and say, "hi, Dexter!"

Now that we have finished watching all of the seasons, there is a hole in our little TV watching universe. And after the season 4 finale, egads - I don't think either Mike or myself has gotten over that yet. In fact, we have discussed it to some extent nearly every night since then.

September can't get here fast enough - we may even have to get Showtime...

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Bekki Bellows said...

Dexter is one of the best shows on TV! My husband and I stubbled upon Dexter after the first season aired.

I tell all my friends to check out Dexter!